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Mission & School History

ICEF's Mission and Vision

     ICEF’s mission is to prepare all students to attend and compete at the top 100 colleges and universities in the nation. To this end, ICEF schools provide students with an intensive college preparatory instruction, which incorporates the “Three A’s”: Academics, Arts, and Athletics. ICEF’s comprehensive educational program begins in Kindergarten and continues through the 12th grade. We believe that only through a well-balanced and rigorous education model which incorporates the Three A’s, can students be truly prepared to enter and compete in higher education and achieve personal and academic success.
     ICEF’s traditional education program is being expanded to include a state-of-the-art blended learning technology that combines information-age tools, resources, and enrichment programs. This new technology, together with the use of the innovative “Targeted Group Structures” teaching method which allows teachers and students to rotate through lecture, small group, and individual instruction, are creating highly effective and adaptable learning environments to meet unique student needs. Furthermore, ICEF’s instructional team has also developed the framework for the new State Common Core transition to an educational program where critical thinking will be more valued than older, more traditional learning strategies. To ensure consistent parental involvement, ICEF schools offer a multitude of avenues for all parents and stakeholders to become involved in their child’s education and be part of the school community.
     ICEF’s overarching vision is to prepare our students to be the next generation of community leaders, teachers, and professionals that will help transform South Los Angeles and Inglewood into a more stable and economically vibrant community.
ICEF's Core Values

     ICEF and its schools are guided and known by their core values and beliefs which reflect best practices researched in high performing schools that consistently produce well-educated students prepared to enter and succeed in college.

Community - We will create, grow and support a unified community where we are passionate about the success of our students.

Diversity - We will respect diversity while using our differences to drive innovative practices that unite us all.

Empowerment - we will empower our stakeholders to be efficient and effective in delivering the highest quality services for our students.

Accountability - We will develop a culture of integrity where we hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and behaviors with our students, our parents, and our stakeholders.

Communication - We will provide clear, effective, and timely communications within our organization and in our business dealings.

Safety - We will insure a learning environment where students, parents, visitors, and staff feel supported and secure.

Collaborate - We will make ICEF an enjoyable workplace of professionals where we actively share responsibility, celebrate success, learn from failures, and work together for the success of all.